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Cleaning and Preservation

Preserve The Memories

Whether you’re going to keep your gown or you plan to sell it, your gown needs professional attention after your wedding.

Cleaning – Weddings can be tough on the dresses. Cake, icing and au jus along with all kinds of drinks can end up decorating even the most elegant wedding dress in a most graceless way. Even hem dirt from the dancing can leave its mark. Left untreated, spills, stains and dirt can become worse over time, and end up as a permanent scar on your wedding day memory.

Take wedding cake, for example. Spills will find their way to your dress. Maybe you know it and maybe you don’t. And maybe you get a little help wiping off the spill. You can’t see it so it must be fine, right? Wrong! Give that sugar stain a couple of years and that sugar will turn a dark yellow/brown and become difficult if not impossible to reverse. Sugar stains can come from wine, cake, soda, and other usual wedding menu items like candy and cookies.

If you plan on selling your dress after your wedding, you will need to clean it. And if you want to keep your dress, you will need first to clean it and then preserve it.

Preservation – Wedding gown preservation involves placing a clean wedding gown in preservation chest, using tissue paper to cushion the folds. Our museum-quality preservation chests are designed to prevent discoloration of your gown. Just like the boxes used by museums to store heirloom textiles, our gown preservations chests will protect you dress for generations.