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Cleaning and Pressing

Wedding gown services that you may need before your wedding include:

Alterations and Repairs – use our expert seamstress to get the exact fit and look of your bridal gown. Bustles, hems and adding or removing straps are changes we make to wedding gowns every day.

Steaming or Pressing – Whether you wore your dress for a photo session before your wedding or slipped into your dress several times between alterations fittings and showing it to your family and friends, you probably need to have it steamed or pressed to look just right when you walk down the aisle.

Cleaning – Unless you hide your bridal gown in the closet when you first brought it home from the bridal shop, you probably need to get your dress cleaned before your wedding. Between hem stains from grass and dirt that are unavoidable during outdoor photo sessions or makeup stains from trying on your dress for alterations fittings, cleaning your dress before your wedding could be important for that pristine look as you walk down the aisle.

We can take care of all these imperfections so that your gown is spotless for your wedding by cleaning and pressing it prior to the big day. After all, a glowing dress adds to the glow of the bride, and you don’t want to taint that with dirty hemlines or makeup stains.

If you would like to learn more about how we clean your gown, please feel free to download The Certified Wedding Gown Specialist Cleaning & Preservation Process. It will give you in-depth information on all the stages of the cleaning process.