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“I received the dress yesterday and I just had to say a huge Thank you!  I got on skype with my mom in NY to show her how amazing it looked.  We are very pleased with your service, and communication during this process.  It is definitely a huge risk trusting someone with something so precious.  We are so thrilled to have it done and how amazing it turned out.  I will refer your company to anyone that asks about this particular thing.”

~ Kirstin, May 2012



My Mother’s Wedding Gown

“I recently decided that I wanted to wear my mother’s wedding gown in my upcoming wedding but only if it could be restored. I took the very yellowed vintage gown to Ric to see if he could “get the yellow out.”  He told me he would do his best to restore the gown to it’s original state. When I went to pick up the dress, I realized that Ric is definitely a miracle worker. I couldn’t have been more ecstatic when I saw how beautiful the gown had turned out. My tears of joy and happiness truly were a direct result of Ric’s handiwork and expertise. I couldn’t be more happy with the result or the service at Champion Wedding Gown Specialist!!!”

~ Allison, April 2012

…Knowledgeable Staff

“…knowledgeable staff – they answered all my questions quickly”

“[Champions] picked my dress up from Destin!”

~ Melanie Teague, Destin, FL



Extremely Fast

“It was extremely fast and the staff was kind and knowledgeable.”

~ Whitney Gorton, Birmingham




Professional Staff

“No-worries service with professional staff that knows how to treat a beautiful heirloom garment.”

~ Jeanette Berryman, Mother of the Groom, Killen, AI

Professional And Courteous Employees

“…the professional and courteous employees were more than enough for me to trust my daughter’s gown to Champion Cleaners.”

“My fears were put to rest once I knew that the gown dilemma  (alterations and cleaning) was handled.”

“…a one stop shop, all-in-one facility”

“We needed alterations for my daughter’s wedding gown as well as my dress. We also wanted to have the gown pressed before the wedding and then have it cleaned and preserved after the ceremony. Your wonderful store offered everything.”

“The employees are so friendly and are always ready with a smile and an understanding ear when things become frantic.”

“I would recommend your service to anyone that asked, and possibly to anyone who doesn’t ask!”

“I was pleased to find out that it would only take a week or so for the alterations and second fitting to occur.”

“…the peace of mind that we had once the gown was altered and back in our possession was wonderful.”

~ Celia Beene, Mother of the Bride



Only Certified Dress Preserver in Birmingham

“I purchased my wedding dress online years before my wedding date because I found a super deal. And after doing some research before my purchase I found that I should have the gown cleaned and preserved to avoid yellowing since my wedding date is so far away. That’s when I found out that Champion is the only certified dress preserver in Birmingham.”

~ Kathy Delbridge, Birmingham